CNY Autism Consulting Helping Those on the Autism Spectrum Live Successful Lives Paul Meier  315-559-8242 For me autism is not just a job, it is my life.  I am on the autism spectrum and I am a  parent.  The issues you and/or your child are dealing with are my everyday experience.  I have never known anything else.  I am not a doctor or a social worker, but I am very good at what I do. __________ The Autism Kitty Life with autism is like petting a cat. If we pet a cat with the fur we have a happy kitty.  If we pet a cat against the fur we get bit, clawed, and the cat runs away.  Persist in petting the cat against the fur and the poor kitty will fall apart. With autism the fur lies in a different direction than it does with non-autism.  The whole world is petting the autism cat against the fur.  Our society and culture is not set up for autism. Many professionals spend their time trying to convince the autism cat that getting pet against the fur is a good idea.  The desire is for the autism cat to be more like all the other kitties.  They will try to get the autism cat’s fur to go in a different direction than its natural state.  It doesn’t work. I know what direction the fur lies with autism.  This is the “operating system” of autism.  It is understanding the strengths, weaknesses, priorities, thought patterns, passions, and the intimate details of the nature of autism.  It is what makes the autistic person who they are. This autism “operating system” is how the autistic person experiences the world in every area of life.  I don’t want to try and change who someone is.  I want to help the autistic person use who they instinctively are to be successful in a world not set up for autism. Autism based solutions for autism based problems.  Tapping into the nature and instincts of autism for success.  Working with who the person is, not against it.  Success is by knowledge and mastery of autism, not in spite of autism.  Pet the autism cat with the fur, and have a happy, healthy, and successful kitty. I invite you to look at who I am, and what I have to offer.  This is my life.  I am dedicated to helping those on the autism spectrum live successful lives.  Feel free to contact me.